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Business Development in Hostile Territories

If you happen to hear yourself repeating ” … but I thought we had a deal” too often, you need to read this article. Business education the way we know it seems to produce better results in free market economies where rules of the game are set in accordance with somewhat free and fair competition….

Viral Virtual Village

Have you ever wondered what makes some posts or ads go viral like wildfire for no obvious reason at all?   We all know that the most powerful massively influential form of communication & advertising is word of mouth indeed, though it is rarely communicated in person nowadays. In average people share 16,000 words a…

Global Trade: Now & Then

History of Global Trade Global trade or simply put the exchange of goods over great distances dates back to as early as Stone Ages in Europe. As a result of some basic innovations and improvements in transportation mediums namely invention of wheels, horse-pulled wagons & wooden vessels our Eurasian ancestors were able to trade far…

Why Sales Figures Decline?

Why do your sales figures start declining almost immediately after a key salesperson leaves? A client will only repurchase from you with or without a salesperson’s assistance if the perceived value of your brand has already been established. A brand is simply a mental shortcut for clients to speed up the decision-making based on the following…

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