trainingSelling methodologies are categorized into 3 main models: Canned, Adaptive & Consultative. As production capacity & efficiency has increased dramatically over the past 4 decades, so has the competition for the fixed number of prospects. The reason why sales models have evolved so much since the 70s is directly related to how the global industry has shifted its focus from serving the suppliers to anticipating & exceeding consumer needs.

In the majority of cases, an international B2B marketplace buyer is highly trained, business savvy & money smart entrepreneur whose primary aim is to eliminate as many market levels as possible in order to secure the most competitive offer exclusively. What most international sales fail to realize is that most often they are required to sell a profit-making offer, not a specific product or a service. With this in mind, it is easy to realize why some sales training courses out there fail to provide the A~Z of success required in a culturally diverse marketplace where over %50 of global GDP is generated in command market economies, nevertheless with a research-based training program it is still possible to develop customized models fitted to both product specs as well as market diversity.

Online Sales Training Courses:

  • Canadian Professional Sales Association – CPSA has trained over 17,000 professionals in Canada and abroad. Developed in conjunction with Human Resources Skills Development Canada, CPSA courses are built on extensive research into what sets the best salespeople apart.
  • Sales & Marketing Executives International, Inc. – SMEI, a New York registered non-profit organization is the only global sales and marketing professional association. SMEI’s professional certification programs create a worldwide standard of credibility for individuals seeking recognition for their professional competencies.


Sales Function Terminology:

Most titles described in this chart could be either inbound or outbound: Outbound Sales is when you go out to find and bring in clients, or attempt cold calling in other words pushing sales by hitting on prospects otherwise known as dynamic sales. Whereas, inbound sales or static sales is when you try to bring in the customers or leads to you by means of advertising, digital marketing, and all other methods of perceiving prospects. It is sometimes called pull sales.



Sales Career Talent Identification/ Development Resources:

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