Although different product/ market/ technology combinations can require different marketing strategies and business models to make them a success, we usually propose the following 3 stage tried and true methodology:

Does it make sense? (PEST, SWOT, P5)
1- Look up customs data to locate product demand
2- Calculate shipping cost, import duty & VAT costs
3- Consider local laws & possible restrictions
4- Find out the target markets’ purchasing power
5- Weigh local competition against your competitive advantage

Getting the 1st order
1- Setup & optimize a company website to initiate dialogue, establish rapport & credibility
2- Study, locate & contact prospects, make an offer & send samples
3- Analyze the feedback; adjust price & quality based on customer’s requirements
4- If the last step is done right, you have already closed your first sales
5- Issue the PO based on your client’s order specification, payment & shipping

Payment & Shipping
1- Secure the payment before shipping out.
2- Ship out, get a confirmation of delivery and quality, ask for feedbacks, improve your performance
3- Always surprise your clients by offering a better than expected service – this is your ultimate competitive advantage


Never …
Never approach a prospect until you are absolutely sure they need your product and that your offer would be in their best interest
Never provide biased, inaccurate, or exaggerated information
Never make any assumptions
Never ship out without first securing the payment


Don’t ever …
Don’t ever issue price lists & quotations without specifying the validity period
Don’t ever screw up the first (trial) order
Don’t ever send out samples to a prospect direct from the factory
Don’t ever create parallel negotiation channels within an organization
Don’t ever oversimplify the export process !!!


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