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INBD Career Guide

Dick Bolles’ Job Hunter’s Bible is perhaps the most comprehensive, up-to-date and valuable resource to seek and identify not just any jobs but life-changing golden opportunities. Bolles’ core message is that employers exhaust all other options (promotion, networking & HR agencies) before placing employment ads.

Employing Bolles’ methodology, the key to finding a hidden position in sales is to locate a growing industry and contact the sales manager directly [not HR] with your value-added offer [& not just your resume]. Now let’s consider the following example to see how to look for an Export Sales Position in Canada.

Canada’s overall 5-year export performance value in 98 HS categories indicates some level of decline, so it is safe to assume that not all industries would be willing to expand their sales force.

The forecasted values, however, paints a much brighter picture for the next 5 years:

A simple sort function based on past performance leaves us with a hand-full of growing categories as follows:

From this point on, the process becomes self-explanatory: locating the exporters of each category, contacting the owner or sales director, and finally sending out a market research proposal along with your LinkedIn profile as illustrated below

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